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Public safety

Tree owners are personally liable for the stability of their trees and for ensuring there is no risk of fracture. The owners can be prosecuted according to both civil and criminal law for damage caused by their trees. It is therefore essential to have the trees inspected continually and professionally.

Visuelle Untersuchung

Visual inspection

Brudi & Partners assists tree owners in fulfilling their tree-monitoring obligations. This normally involves just a visual inspection from the ground, to identify anything that looks suspicious. If any signs of defects are detected during this type of inspection, expert knowledge is needed to assess the effects of the visible symptoms on the health and safety of the tree. Only then can remedial measures be taken. In exceptional cases, we recommend the use of advanced technical examinations to gain a clear picture of the tree’s condition and its safety reserves.


Einghende technische Untersuchungen

Advanced technical examinations

When pronounced damage is evident, in-depth examinations with technical devices can provide the facts that will determine the next course of action. Also, when disputes arise, the use of diagnostic methods and procedures can supplement the visual inspection with facts and correlations, thus providing evidence and maintaining an objective level of discussion. Brudi & Partners not only have a wealth of experience in the evaluation of tree-static measurements, they also have all the state-of-the-art equipment necessary for carrying out technical tree diagnoses.

Einghende technische Untersuchungen

Forensic assessment reports

Serious damage caused to property or people, for example by a tree collapsing, can often lead to legal disputes or criminal proceedings. The main question will always be whether the damage could have been foreseen. Brudi & Partners have vast experience as expert witnesses in numerous court cases and pre-litigation disputes, and can therefore provide qualified consulting services in the event of lawsuits. As qualified assessors with a well-established service record we can often contribute to the acceleration, or even the avoidance, of court proceedings.

Einghende technische Untersuchungen

Consulting - a second opinion

If doubts exist about the correct procedure to follow after a tree inspection has been carried out, Brudi & Partners can, while in situ, provide an immediate, verbal, expert opinion, give an estimate of the hazard potential of defect symptoms, and/or recommend effective arboricultural measures. These binding statements about the degree of risk posed by the tree serve as expert backup for the owner or tree inspector, especially when they have to decide whether to preserve or fell the tree.