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Research projects

Crown supports

Crown supports

New crown support systems have become an established feature in European arboriculture during approximately the last 25 years, and the pros and cons of using artificial fibers are still causing critical discussion. Brudi & Partners have been analyzing the mechanical properties of the individual products for almost 20 years.

The research encompasses the following aspects:

  • dynamic properties of crown supports
  • durability of crown supports (University of Applied Sciences, Weihenstephan)
  • elasticity and strength of modern crown supports (Freeworker OHG)
  • effects of crown supports on the dynamic properties of trees (HAWK Göttingen/Hildesheim)

For publications on some of the results of the analyses, see our collection of pdf-documents.

Tree statics

Tree statics

The fundamentals of tree statics were developed at the University of Stuttgart in the 1980s. The demand for vital analyses and new knowledge in this field has yet to be fulfilled. The areas that Brudi & Partners have been researching – either independently or in collaboration – include the stress trees are exposed to by wind, the material properties of wood, and the anchoring strength of roots.

Research has already been done in the following sub-topics:

  • The oscillation behavior of trees (Ken James, Australien)
  • Tipping behavior during uprooting (Urban Forest Innovations, Canada, HAWK Göttingen/Hildesheim)
  • Wind load estimations for individual trees (HAWK Göttingen/Hildesheim)
  • Mechanical properties of wood (Federal Institute for Materials Testing, HAWK Göttingen/Hildesheim)
  • Pre-stresses in standing trees (University of Aberdeen)
  • Bending strength of branches (University of Applied Sciences, Weihenstephan, Technical University München, HAWK Göttingen/Hildesheim)
  • Load-bearing capacity of the compromised trunks and root systems of London Plane, Silver Maple and Pin Oak trees (ISA Davey Tree Biomechanics Research Week 2010, 2013, Ohio)

    For publications containing numerous results of these analyses, see our collection of pdf documents.
Tree care

Tree care

Tree maintenance work frequently involves risks. Brudi & Partners have become increasingly active in the area of work safety for climbing and tree dismantling since 2005. In addition, they have been collaborating on scientific research on pruning measures and the development of new carbon exoskeletons for damaged trees.

Research in these areas comprises the following aspects:

  • Kinematics for rigging (ArBO, University of the German Army, Neubiberg)
  • Safe work practice for tree dismantling – (Treevolution, Health and Safety Executive, UK)
  • Strength of branches as anchor points (TREE Fund USA)
  • Suitability of friction hitch knots in rope-climbing techniques – the Howard hitch
  • Dynamic load on anchor points (University of Applied Sciences Dresden/Tharandt)
  • Effectiveness of branch reductions (HAWK Göttingen-Hildesheim)
  • Risk assessment for branches in the vicinity of high-voltage power lines (Biocompliance Inc., National Grid, USA)
  • Exoskeletons made of upcycled and reusable carbon for supporting trees and tree trunks 

    For publications containing the results of these analyses, see our collection of pdf documents.
Adventure ropes courses and other tree installations

Adventure ropes courses and other tree installations

There are many unanswered questions concerning the use of trees in adventure ropes courses. Due to numerous assessment reports in this field and work done by the European Ropes Course Association, studies of trees in ropes courses have been conducted since 2009 in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Weihenstephan-Triesdorf. Since 2011, research is also being conducted into other tree installations such as slacklines and tree houses.

Research in this area includes the following topics:

  • the reaction of forest trees to impact loads
  • peak load in belay systems
  • the installation of cable brackets on tree trunks
  • medium-term impact of slacklines on the anchoring strength of trees
  • structural engineering analyses of tree houses (University of Applied Sciences, Nuremberg)

For publications on these topics, see our collection of pdf-documents.